Thursday, January 11, 2018

Product Review : ActiLabs With Kelly - 100% Daily Vitimins Minerals


I have been with Actilabs for last couple months and its amazing ! This product was released shortly after I became a ambassador  !

First before I go into my review, let me tell you why this product !  I love that fact that is has all these amazing vitamins ! To be honest ,  It is a lot easier for the take 1 10 ml of this product , then taking lots of individual vitamins. 

Product Review :
  •                         Simple dosage 
  •                         Tart Orange Taste
  •                         Pleasant to take 
  •                         Just amazing benefits 

                    Prior to this product, I would have take a least 40.00 or more in vitamins. I love the fact simplify factor. 

   Product Link :

   Business Page :

Please stay tuned, I plan to review  a product each month. Also please feel free to follow my business page and view the link.. Contact me anytime with any questions ! 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Product Review : Feast VoxBox


I received this Feast VoxBox , free in order to review the products ! 

Tam Tam Chewy Carmel Biscuits

I was very optimistic giving this product a try ! As I have never heard of the brand prior to this voxbox. I shared biscuits with my family and it was greatly enjoyed by all! 

I must another fabulous Influencer find ! 

Facbook :    @TimTam_US

Twitter : @TimTam_Us   #TimTamUS,  #TimTamSlam 

Bigelow Tea 

These teas taste amazing ! I really enjoyed these !!

Facebook :        @Bigelowtea 
Twitter : @BigelowTea           #TeaProudly 

French's Crispy Jalapenos 

 This was amazing ! My husband and I love hot food ! So this is another winner before it was even sampled. We samples little pieces ! And WOW ! Had a kick !  A real must for anyone that likes Jalapenos or just want a kick to a favorite meal ! 

Facebook :    @Frenchs 

Twitter : @Frenchs       #RealFlavorshavecrunch  #Holidaywithfrenchs 

Del Monte Fresh Cut Golden Sweet  Whole Kernel Corn 
This had a great taste, you can taste the light sea salt ! It was great paired with our meal and this will be a new staple in our pantry ! 

Facebook :    @Delmonte 

Twitter : @DelMonte   #DelMonte 

Country Crock Buttery Sticks 
My location only carried Salted version. Which was fine, it didn't make any difference to recipe we had !  Using the butter we made Homemade Chocolate Pean Pie  it was such a hit ! 

Facebook  :    @CountryCrock 
Twitter : @CountryCrock    #WhenWeBake 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Who is up for Sales !! Actiabs / Abby& Anna Boutique / Tastefully Simple !


                Who loves sales !! Here are few you may like !!


Yes , I can not wait for this sale !!  This starts at 4 am est !! 

Be sure to get there early  Starts at 7 am !! 

Now through the 24th !!  This will automatically come off with any order of 75.00  or more !! To save an additional 15% at check use code :  GIVINGTS   

Website :  

My Dieting Journey! A Journey to a better Me !


I have always struggled with my weight. I have tried the "Fad Diets " with little or no results. I have been to the nutritionist. And  I have a an understanding of the meal portions ! Which is all fine and great but even with counting calories you still feel like you  are going know where fast ! 

So in October, I joined Acti-Labs ,  as many say I have to see to believe it !  Well I am not a believer !   This journey started with a spot of tea !  Yes our strip tea,  I had seen lives on facebook from my fellow direct sales friend !  And due to the allergies I have to certain things I was uncertain on how my system would react to the tea. 

So hey why not ! It came with a promotional free cup !!  I received it and tried it for 3 days straight !  I weigh in and I lost about 5.8 pounds !  I was like all right ! Time to jump aboard,  I have been to my doctors and she has been watching my cholesterol and such ..  So I know I need to lost weight and I found an great tasting tea that giving me the results I need to lost the pounds . 

I have also included into my regimen of mine, our Skinny Juice, it tastes so good !!  And I also been dabbing in some meal options for when I start my 7 day shred.. So I know and I am ready to tackle this weight roller coaster ! 

Please be sure to follow my journey to Slim ! Or if you want to start your journey ! Please let me know I direct you the perfect products to help you reach your goal ! 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Abby & Anna Boutique With Kelly ** Join Event ** You can Join For FREE til 30th



Do you have a passion for fashion ? Just want to work from home ?  Let me tell you more about Abby & Anna Boutique , it is a family owned company.  They value quality and comfort and a great price ! Free Shipping for order of 25.00 or more ! 

There are many fashion forward items , and they just started carrying there own line of clothing! Everything is made in the USA for there line!   And there will be a new line starting in October !! I can not wait ! 

They also carry basic leggings, Me and Mini Me , Boutique items, Gift Cards. This company has so much to offer !  Please be sure to take a minute and view these great products ! 

Select : Become A Style Adviser ! 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tastefully Simple By Kelly : Join My Team Event ! For the Month of Sept. You can join for 1.00


 Have you ever thought of joining a direct sales company ? Are you a foodie ? Why not get paid to enjoy AMAZING food.  I joined this time last year, during this very same promotion! 
For me it is started with Onion Onion in the delicious and simple Bruschetta Chicken Bake ! 

 If you are on the fence about the joining, no worries please feel free to contact me today ! 

If you have never sampled our products please contact me at my business page :

 We carry such a variety of meal options, that can help you and your friends . We  offer 30 Meal Kits, 10 Meal Kits, Entertainment and of course Dinner Mixers ! 

 If you are interested in this opportunity there is no time like the present to jump aboard. If you are interested , we could set a party and help you to hear half price or FREE meal kit ..  

This 1.00 opportunity is only valid til the 30th !   Don't let this meal solution pass you by !! 

#TSBYKellyR  #JoinToday #Mealsolutions #Opportunityisknockingwillyouanswer! 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Product Review : L'Bri The Aloe Gal With Nichola F.


Here are all my sample I received ! 

I  spoke with Nichola prior to receiving my samples. So she knew what my skin was doing at the time. She is very knowledge about her products. It was red, pimples, and dry. So I received the following samples : 

Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub 
Intense Moisture Creme
Gentle Cleanser 
Gentle Refresher 
Facial Masque 

All these samples smell amazing let me tell you!  Also no matter which cleanser or face scrub I used my skin tingled after wards. But it did not hurt at all. It was very soothing for me. As I know each time I cleaned my face with these products my rosacea I had was going away little by little. 

Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub 
It is grainy, but it has a nice smell to it. I gently massaged it into my skin and wiped off with a warm wash rag. 

Gentle Refresher 
I really like the refresher, after I was doing cleaning my face with scrub and dried it. And used a cotton-ball to apply the gentle refresher to my skin.  This was used with both samples received. 

Intense Moisture Creme
 This is a looks like a butter to me. But oh so good for your skin !! I placed a small amount on skin ..  And I did this day and night ! 

Gentle Cleanser 
This also smells really good! But I did the same process and this broke me out more. Really Strange! After speaking to Nichola, I gave this another go . Gentle massage on the face and rinse off!  And let me say , for my skin I need to make it not so concentrated. But it has helped my skin even more.. I will be adding this product to. 

Gentle Moisture Lotion 
This seems to be a thicker lotion, again fantastic scent. Great scent, This helps with fine lines ! That is amazing ! 

Before and After Pictures !


After ! 

My Skin is soft, and the aloe is slowly healing my skin. I absolutely love these products !! 

Facial Masque 

This  water based, but first ingredient is aloe. no actual water in product. It firmed on my face and my daughter Lily. It was very interesting, after 15 minutes we used a wash rag, and gently wiped our face .  Then continued with the rest of the process of Gentle Refresher and lotion. 

Over all, baby soft skin, but my rosacea area is all red again.  A great product , but not best for my skin at this time. 

Smooth N Firm Eye Repair Gel 

I found that reduced any puffiness I had, and reduced my dark circles under my eyes ! I really enjoyed this product !

Rejuvenating Facial Peel

 Was very clear, I let stay on my face for 10 minute or so. Once it dried, I simply used a warm wash to remove it. Applied the refresher. Another fantastic product . It really cleared up my  skin well. 

You can also order samples on the site just by sampling paying for shipping a cost of only 6.95 !

About the products : 

Nichola's  Direct Link  : 

Nichola's Group page : 

You also can request samples from here website  for 6.75  & Shipping and Handling!! Simple select " Free Samples " and you can choose a set for FREE !! 

Direct Link to Nichola's Site for Samples :