Thursday, September 14, 2017

Abby & Anna Boutique With Kelly ** Join Event ** You can Join For FREE til 30th



Do you have a passion for fashion ? Just want to work from home ?  Let me tell you more about Abby & Anna Boutique , it is a family owned company.  They value quality and comfort and a great price ! Free Shipping for order of 25.00 or more ! 

There are many fashion forward items , and they just started carrying there own line of clothing! Everything is made in the USA for there line!   And there will be a new line starting in October !! I can not wait ! 

They also carry basic leggings, Me and Mini Me , Boutique items, Gift Cards. This company has so much to offer !  Please be sure to take a minute and view these great products ! 

Select : Become A Style Adviser ! 

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tastefully Simple By Kelly : Join My Team Event ! For the Month of Sept. You can join for 1.00


 Have you ever thought of joining a direct sales company ? Are you a foodie ? Why not get paid to enjoy AMAZING food.  I joined this time last year, during this very same promotion! 
For me it is started with Onion Onion in the delicious and simple Bruschetta Chicken Bake ! 

 If you are on the fence about the joining, no worries please feel free to contact me today ! 

If you have never sampled our products please contact me at my business page :

 We carry such a variety of meal options, that can help you and your friends . We  offer 30 Meal Kits, 10 Meal Kits, Entertainment and of course Dinner Mixers ! 

 If you are interested in this opportunity there is no time like the present to jump aboard. If you are interested , we could set a party and help you to hear half price or FREE meal kit ..  

This 1.00 opportunity is only valid til the 30th !   Don't let this meal solution pass you by !! 

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Product Review : L'Bri The Aloe Gal With Nichola F.


Here are all my sample I received ! 

I  spoke with Nichola prior to receiving my samples. So she knew what my skin was doing at the time. She is very knowledge about her products. It was red, pimples, and dry. So I received the following samples : 

Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub 
Intense Moisture Creme
Gentle Cleanser 
Gentle Refresher 
Facial Masque 

All these samples smell amazing let me tell you!  Also no matter which cleanser or face scrub I used my skin tingled after wards. But it did not hurt at all. It was very soothing for me. As I know each time I cleaned my face with these products my rosacea I had was going away little by little. 

Exfoliating Face & Body Scrub 
It is grainy, but it has a nice smell to it. I gently massaged it into my skin and wiped off with a warm wash rag. 

Gentle Refresher 
I really like the refresher, after I was doing cleaning my face with scrub and dried it. And used a cotton-ball to apply the gentle refresher to my skin.  This was used with both samples received. 

Intense Moisture Creme
 This is a looks like a butter to me. But oh so good for your skin !! I placed a small amount on skin ..  And I did this day and night ! 

Gentle Cleanser 
This also smells really good! But I did the same process and this broke me out more. Really Strange! After speaking to Nichola, I gave this another go . Gentle massage on the face and rinse off!  And let me say , for my skin I need to make it not so concentrated. But it has helped my skin even more.. I will be adding this product to. 

Gentle Moisture Lotion 
This seems to be a thicker lotion, again fantastic scent. Great scent, This helps with fine lines ! That is amazing ! 

Before and After Pictures !


After ! 

My Skin is soft, and the aloe is slowly healing my skin. I absolutely love these products !! 

Facial Masque 

This  water based, but first ingredient is aloe. no actual water in product. It firmed on my face and my daughter Lily. It was very interesting, after 15 minutes we used a wash rag, and gently wiped our face .  Then continued with the rest of the process of Gentle Refresher and lotion. 

Over all, baby soft skin, but my rosacea area is all red again.  A great product , but not best for my skin at this time. 

Smooth N Firm Eye Repair Gel 

I found that reduced any puffiness I had, and reduced my dark circles under my eyes ! I really enjoyed this product !

Rejuvenating Facial Peel

 Was very clear, I let stay on my face for 10 minute or so. Once it dried, I simply used a warm wash to remove it. Applied the refresher. Another fantastic product . It really cleared up my  skin well. 

You can also order samples on the site just by sampling paying for shipping a cost of only 6.95 !

About the products : 

Nichola's  Direct Link  : 

Nichola's Group page : 

You also can request samples from here website  for 6.75  & Shipping and Handling!! Simple select " Free Samples " and you can choose a set for FREE !! 

Direct Link to Nichola's Site for Samples :

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

2 Days FREE Shipping with Tastefully Simple ... & August Customer Special !


In Tastefully Simple history this is first time !   Spend 75.00 or more and get FREE SHIPPING !!  Limited time offer !! 

Use this link :

This is a fantastic value !   For every 50.00 you spend you get Bountiful Beer Bread for only 14.79 !!!

Link to view :

These are AMAZING deals ... be sure to stock up on your favorites ! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Children's Book Review: The Adventures Of Pugley Bear Home Sweet Home


I really enjoyed this story, my family can relate. As we just had a second child last year. It gives you a child's view of how it is when a new child comes into a family. This is a great book as it shows you have Pugley Bear is adjusting to have new sibling.  My daughter's also enjoyed it , as my oldest can really relate to this book. 

She was a only child as Pugley Bear was. Just like Pugley Bear , you need to adjust to having a new child in the home. Great book for anyone expecting another child or anytime. Provide a understanding . But I don't want to give to much information.  

Be sure to follow the author , and stay up date any new children's book he may have come out. I have the link below, as well a direct link to Amazon. 

This book is really enjoyable! I really love the character's and bright colors.

Mom's Choice Awards Recipient  ! 

To purchase your book : Adventures Pugley Bear Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Product Review : Hanai A Zoo Stuff A Pet !



Hanai A Zoo is a new company, that helps provides you a one on one opportunity with your child. You select a stuff animal from the site in either 8 in or 16 in and you get everything you need to put them together. It comes with easy to follow directions.  I recently had an opportunity to purchase a cute and adorable dog. 

There are sales from time to time, and you can even purchase your stuff animal with a book . 

In this link you will find the live feed my daughter and I did on Facebook on 05/29/17  . This will show you how easy these adorable stuff animals are ! But I will also be going to into detail in the blog as well.

When you open your package from Hani A Zoo, you find a adorable bag , it has handles and you can easy store your animals inside. 

Enclosed you will find your animal you purchased. As a bag of stuffing to fill your new animal! Directions with heart and instructions on how to put your animal together! As well a birth certificate !!  

Our adorable puppy was very soft and had a Velcro bag for easy stuffing !! My daughter and I  really enjoyed putting our puppy together. It was great activity  to do together ! I really enjoyed that I didn't have to leave to house. 

Here is our completed pup! His name is Ruff !

This could be a great activity to do during school breaks. They also offer parties you can do them online and earn a stuff animal for your child! 

Here is the direct link to view are these cute animals : 

If anyone orders please mention : Kelly Rodriguez 

There are so many other amazing accessories , sound inserts, different variations of stuff animals , Aramabearapy ( insert), Clothing, Shoes. Stuff able Purses, Gift Card Options! Buddy Blankets! Stuff Your Own Dolls! Warm Buddies ! Outlet Sale Items!! And so much more! 

Princess Packages :  $23.00 to 60.00 
Animal Work Shops : $ 14.00 to 60.00
Pillow Pet Parties :  $20.00

Hanai A In A Box :  $ 30.00
Animal In A Box" Kit (8") Contains everything you need including a "Hanai A Zoo " Box, Animal, Passport, Purple Best Friends Insert, and Fluff


Booking Summer workshops
All Workshops include:
Summer Animal of choice
Forest Adventure Book

Stuffing Kit
Stuffing Instructions
Wish Insert
Take Home Backpack

(10 guest min) starting at $16 per guest

Monday, May 29, 2017

Product Review : LipSense / Sene Derm Skin Care and more ..Wicked Lips With Nickie !


These are my samples ! 

SeneDerm By SeneGence 
3 in 1 Cleaner :
   It contains exfoliater beads , it gently exfoliated my skin. It suds up  and removed any excess dead skin. Afterwards my skin was red, but this is normal for me . It was a pleasant smelling cleaner  smells like a orange lemon scent. 

Daytime Moisturizer  :
There is a soft scent but I cant really describe it ; white moisturizer but it does offer the benefit of  SPF 15 with use of this and  Make Sense Foundation.  At this time , my skin  feels very soft. 

Evening Moisturizer:
  Simple moisturizer, once I applied it to my skin. It did tingle a little. But I am thinking is normal. No pain or discomfort. Also a light scent ! 
My skin feels really soft ! 

I did notice since sampling these products that my skin isn't as red as when I started this review. 

Abundance By SeneGence 

Abundance Bloom :  Smells like a dozen roses ! A really light scent , I don't pick up must musk scent. 

Abundance Lush :  A great blend of scents, I can pick up a lot of the tropical floral scents and some mild fruit background. 

Abundance Fresh :  More oceany scent , and some floral's and citrus I can  pick up . 

Overall, I think these smell amazing, I would get these as gifts for birthdays and just have on hand. 

LipSense Glossy Gloss  By SenseGence 

It is clear and smells minty. My lips feel hydrated , it really looks nice on . I know its clear but it is just amazing ! 

Light Tinted Moisturizer 

It is a great light scent, it gently just toned my skin. I have not worn any time of foundation in a long time.  


In this picture as is no make up or anything

You can see a the redness in my face ! 

 I have on Glossy Gloss and  Day Time Moisturizer and Light Tinted Moisturizer 

This is shortly after applying Light Tinted Moisturizer . I found that is did bring down the redness and give my skin some color ! 

This is my first time , sampling these products and they are amazing ! I am looking forward to my next opportunity to review for this company and Nickie again !! 

Please be sure to join her group !  Lots of great information, and more ..