Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Product Review : Silk Nutchello In Flavor : Toasted Coconut & Cashews


I was selected to receive a free bottle of Silk Nutchello . I selected :  Toasted Coconut & Cashews . 

It is very nutty and I can get the subtle taste of coconut. 

Note to self : Take  A break you deserve it  ! 

It does taste great , I recommend this drink to others. Especially those , who love cashew milk. With nutchello, you get the cashew or walnut milk with subtle flavors. 
If you are looking to try a new flavor or brand, I recommend Silk. They have so many great products. 

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Product Review : Always Radiant with Flex Foam


I was selected to receive  a free  sample Always Radiant with Flex Foam Pads with Wings . Let me first tell you , I love Always Brand pads. And with this pad, in particular, I had excellent protection, as well ; wings  and I were able to do my daily tasks with- out any worries of leakage on my clothes. 

They provide up to 8 hrs of comfort and protection , the Flex Foam moves with you.  And with the added panels it provides absorbency with no worries. 


I love how vibrant the color is of the package. It stands out :) And the design just stands out !

I also put together a small care package for a friend using my sample box of Always Radiant with Flex Foam. 

The best care package a girl can get , some candy and mix bag of cheddar !! 

I recommend this pads to anyone ! 


Be You Be Unique Stylish !

              Kelly's Stylish Leggings !


This is my most recent purchase , I purchased the Plus Size  14-20 but they can fit up to size 22 . I really wanted to try this size as I am size 14 normally. Secondly, I just loved the designs. These look fabulous no matter how you dress it up or down.  They are smooth like butter, while I was wearing them out to an appointment. I wasn't overheated , and I felt amazing. 

I love that with these leggings , I feel very confident and ready for anything ! Here are a few pictures of me in these awesomely comfortable and stylish leggings!

In these pictures, I am wearing : WaterColors on the Top and Geometric shapes below. I love the watercolor leggings, as they are so very vibrant . There are so many colors, which means you can wear various tops to create your ideal look. 

Geometric, is a simple black and white with geometric shapes of course !  I like this shirt with bright colors, or you make it a very simple look by just simply wearing a black top. 

I want to you think of Kelly's Stylish Leggings as a place for you to BE YOU and BE UNIQUE !  With that being said I would love to share with you ; My new site and referral code. Please feel free to contact me with any questions either via Blogger or Facebook or my email that is provided. 

Kelly's Stylish Leggings  Reference : BeYou

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Product Review : ZZZquil VoxBox


What I love about ZZZquil, is that is non-habit forming, and helps you to get a  much-needed rest. I used my sample that was provided and oh my gosh. I felt amazing ! I was ready to take on the world !

We live near and close to a train station and ocean , and there has been train noise since we first moved in. And a few nights ago, there was a luxury boat horn sounded off. And it continues to sound for quite awhile. 
Luckily, I had my free sample of ZZZquil take and within 15-20 minutes I was sound asleep and snoring . My poor husband was just glad that I was getting rest. Thankfully, with my sample was a $2.00 coupon, that I will be using soon. 

Thank you to +Vicks ZzzQuil , I was able to get the much-needed rest. 

#ZZZQuil   #SleepLovers 


I was selected to sample this product free in order provide them with my honest feedback on the product. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

My new endeavour ...... Leggings Army....


I just recently signed up to an affiliate for Leggings Army. What I loved about this company, unlike most other direct sales companies is, there is no quotas & website is free. New products weekly and currently they are having sign up for various amounts. 

I really love that there are so many styles. Recently, after signing up I purchased my first pair of Sugar Skull Capri, What drew me to this company, was the fact that it was a clothing direct sales, and they have their items priced for me. As a stay at home mother with 2 kids. And the cost of items is a very important subject for me.  

My Review of my first pair of Legging Army Capri:
They are really soft and light; I really loved how they feel being worn. And I have always loved the skull theme, so these were a must for me.  As you can see from the pictures below, this is how I received my package. 
There is also a picture of me styling these lovely leggings. This is my first and not my last purchase. 

If you would like to join my group please follow this link: Kelly's Stylish Leggings

To view Site and make any purchases:
Reference: BeYou

Reference: BeYou