Friday, January 20, 2017

Product Reviews : Influenster Twinkle VoxBox!


Twinkle VoxBox Review 

#Make It Yours 

It was really easy to make dessert. And Country Crock  makes it taste so good.  Such a great flavor and taste!! 

My coupon was expired for this product once I received, I am still working on getting my free coupon fixed. The product is shown I paid for. 
Price : 1.99 to 3.12 15 oz - 45oz 
Instagram : @CountryCrock   Twitter ; @CountryCrock   #MakeItYours 
Cover Girl So Lashy Blast Pro Mascara

Price : 8.99 
I really love how it just made my eyes stand out. A real must for any women!!

Instagram : +COVERGIRL   Twitter : +COVERGIRL  #SoLashyxTarget 

 Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets

I made a small batch of cookies using the Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets. They came out fantastic! 

Price 3.99 

Instagram: @ReynoldsKitchens    Twitter: @ReynoldsWrap   #Reynold Kitchens 

Not Your Mothers Clean Freak  Dry Shampoo Unscented

I found this was really easy to use. And it really refreshed my hair and gave it volume. A must try !

Travel size 3.00  Full Size 7.00 

Instagram +NYMbrands   Twitter +NYMbrands     #NYMCleanFreak 

Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion

 It has a really light scent, not greasy , my skin feels very soft. And I love that is dermatologist recommend. As I am one of those people that has very sensitive skin. And I want to protect it and not worry of reactions and such. 

Price : 8.99
Instagram : @AquationCare     Twitter : @AquationCare  #MyPerfectAquation 

Hill Bros Hot Cocoa
 I have the Dark Chocolate and my daughter had the milk chocolate cocoa. They smell amazing! And has a great flavor ! Also cant go wrong as I used the Keurig ! 

Price 5.99 - 7.99  12 Count 
Instagram : @HillsBroHotCocoa     #CocoaKeepsWarm 

Axe Body Wash  ( Night ) 
It smells really good and my skin felt very refreshed afterwards

Price : 4.12 

Oreo Thins

They are amazing ! I love that they are thin! I really like that they are 20 calories less than original oreos !  A must try !! 

Instragram : @Oreo    Twitter : @Oreo     #OREOThins 

I receive these products free to review ! All the but the  Country Crock as listed in the review.