Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tastefully Simple By Kelly ******Product Challenge *****


I have often been challenging my self to see what kind of great meals I can come with up with ! My last chanllenage was the find another way to make " Grandma Chicken" . Our "Grandma Chicken " is a mix of 3 random seasonings to make.  

So during my challenge I used our amazing products through the day.  Here are the pictures of the products and used product links .

As a snack I had the following items :  

I really enjoyed the warmed Caramel Apple Cider Mix , during this challenge it was a cold day in NJ. I also enjoyed of our new product Mango Lime Sauce, it is more of a jelly constancy. It was really good and you did taste the lime. It was a different experience. But it does pair well with our Tangy Thai Sauce.  And Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread, it amazing ! I can not say enough of how great this product is. 


 Caramel Apple Cider Mix:



The Raspberry Oatmeal Bar  was amazing! Just need melted butter and water ! And I cook this for 26 minutes !  It is great for snack's for children for after school, And one box makes 16 servings !! 

With lunch I got a little creative, I used the Shallot Tarragon Compound Butter , and mixed it with Mayonnaise in a small bowl. And instead of using plain mayonnaise . Simply added a small amount  on to bread and added my lunch meat. The turkey lunch meat did seem dry but with my mayonnaise mix it gave it great flavor and something different than the normal!   



If you have never had Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic potatoes you don't know what your missing!!
Simply , prepare mash potatoes as normal, After they are drained, add milk and butter and 1 to 2 cupful's of Garlic Garlic. Gently fold , but I normally blend together with the mixer. Depending on how garlicky , you would like it to be!  

#Skipthebox and get #GarlicGarlic  

Oven Roasted Rustic Herb Bone In Chicken!

Smelled so good during the cooking process, 350 degrees for 1 hour.  All I did was sprinkle enough of Rustic Herb Seasoning to cover the skin of the chicken.  And it was so good! Truly is a must try ! 

#GoRustic  #TeamRusticHerb  

If you follow my page facebook page, I always use our sauces. These are two of my favorites ! They both are amazing ! I honestly can not get enough of them!  Garlic Parmesan Wing sauce it spicy and has a great kick! While Bayou Bourbon Glaze , it sweet and sticky. 


These are just some of the ways you can use our fantastic products ! 

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Tastefully Simple By Kelly National Cheese Ball Day !! TODAY ONLY !!!


There are so many amazing ways you can use our cheese balls. Desserts, dinners, and snacks just to name a few ways !  Today is a great day to give us a try !!  You can't  go wrong when you purchase a product that  comes with a new recipe! 

Seeing is believing!!  Please a take a look at my site , there are so many delicious meals and beverages ! Feel free to contact me at anytime !! 

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tastefully Simple By Kelly : Magic Chicken Week !!


Magic Chicken is a new way to have prepare your chicken.   Using chicken breast and thighs or both , using chicken stock or water. And our fabulous , Onion Onion, Garlic Garlic, and Seasoned Salt ! 
And for this  WEEK ONLY you can get these for $39.99 but you have to use the code 5OffE4  !!  This is only for a limited time !! 

Why is "Magic" Chicken awesome?

  • It's so versatile! Use it in any recipe that calls for shredded chicken, or even sub it in for other proteins.
  • It saves time and money! Skip the hassle of buying and deboning prepared rotisserie chicken.
  • It's wholesome! It uses TS EatWell Tastefully Simple ingredients, so there are none of the artificial flavors, colors or preservatives or hydrogenated fats and MSG. And because it uses skinless chicken, it has less calories than rotisserie chicken.

Here are my Freezer portions from my Magic Chicken I made yesterday !!  I am looking forward to making more simple and delicious meals ! 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Product Reviews : Influenster : Charm VoxBox

Charm VoxBox 

McCormick Organics Taco Seasoning Mix 

This is only 15 Calories &  Non Gmo and Gluten Free. It had a really good flavor.    Twitter: @McCormickSpices
Instgram : @McCormickSpice     #McCormickOrganics  

Peeps Delights Coconut 

Let me say OMG, these are fantastic, a slight hint of Coconut ! A must try this Easter !!  Just one Peep is only 150 calories .. by a set and share with friends !!     Twitter: @PeepsBrand

Instragam: @PeepsBrand   #Peepsonality 

Eva NYC Clean It Up & Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

I thought this combo was amazing ! Not only did my hair feel amazing, and feel stronger. It was nice and soft , the scent smelled really good.    Twitter:  @evahairnyc

Instagram: @evahairynyc   #EvaLovesUlta   #EvaNYCCostco 

Mott's Applesauce Pouch 

My children have never tried Mott's Applesauce pouches. But let me tell you , it was a hit. Great flavor , we often in apple sauce in small containers. I found this be a very affordable and a new loved product at home. I would recommend this product to others.      Twitter: @Motts

Instgram : @Motts        #TryMottsPouches  #StartStrong 

Wet N Wild  1 Step WonderGel Peri-Wink-Le Of an Eye

This is a beautiful color, I love that is a fast drying and only take one coat to make very pretty nails !   Twitter : wetnwildbeauty 

Instagram : @wetnwildbeauty   #wnw1stepgel

My daughters new favorite nail brand !! 

Vera Wang Embrace 

 Marigold and Gardenia :  It smells amazing, it is a really flowery scent. 

Rose Buds and Vanilla : So light and airy , I really love the rose bud smell ... 

These are both amazing ! 


Disclaimer : I received this products free to review and share my opinions! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Product Review : GoGoSqueezYogurtz


GoGo Squeez Yogurtz 

My daughter was so excited to have these a review item. She thought they tasted so good and love that she could take them with her on the way to school. I loved that is was not only healthy for her and that  it was shelf stable !! 

I highly recommend giving this product a try !! 

On my blog page I am doing a giveaway for 2 coupons for this amazing . All you need to is add some friends to page, be sure to comment how many you added. This giveaway will going on til 04/13/2017. These will be mailed to winner on the 14th !  Be sure to take a peek or join the page !! 

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Tastefully Simple By Kelly Have you ever tried it ? Wanted to learn more...


Have you ever tried Tastefully Simple products ?  Have you ever worried more about the Kits we offer ? Do you think it would be a more cost effective way to get great food on the table. And have more time to spend with the family ? Dinner Mixers what are they ? 

I can answer all these questions and more..  But first let me say if you have never tried Tastefully Simple products. Please feel free to contact me at my Facebook page anytime. I would be happy to send you a FREE sample as well as recipe to give us a try ! 

All I ask for in return is your honest feedback !! 

Tastefully Simple is all about Simple. Delicious . Fun , you want to make have great meals that are Simple , Delicious and Fun for the family to enjoy! 

Dinner Kits ! Are everything and more for a busy household. All you need to purchase items on your shopping list that is included. And you can also prepare Freezer Meals, and as well as prepare a head of time !  But taking all these simple steps you are saving so much in the kitchen. That dinner will be so easy just doing the reminding steps. Where you can enjoy time with family and more !!  

Let Tastefully Simple take the stress out of what to make ! 

These are the most current 10 Meal Kits !! Which looks delicious to you ? 

A. Easy Grillin 
B. Fit It Fast 
C. Family Faves 

Be sure to comment below in the comment's section of the blog !! 

Dinner Mixers 

 These are amazing ! They change monthly! They contain  delicious recipes and pre-measured TS EatWell ingredients, they're your secret to mix up something delicious. There is such a variety and great for portion control! And they come with a container to save leftovers !! You really cant go wrong

Tastefully Simple has so many ways to help make you dinner's amazing !