Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tastefully Simple By Kelly ******Product Challenge *****


I have often been challenging my self to see what kind of great meals I can come with up with ! My last chanllenage was the find another way to make " Grandma Chicken" . Our "Grandma Chicken " is a mix of 3 random seasonings to make.  

So during my challenge I used our amazing products through the day.  Here are the pictures of the products and used product links .

As a snack I had the following items :  

I really enjoyed the warmed Caramel Apple Cider Mix , during this challenge it was a cold day in NJ. I also enjoyed of our new product Mango Lime Sauce, it is more of a jelly constancy. It was really good and you did taste the lime. It was a different experience. But it does pair well with our Tangy Thai Sauce.  And Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread, it amazing ! I can not say enough of how great this product is. 


 Caramel Apple Cider Mix:



The Raspberry Oatmeal Bar  was amazing! Just need melted butter and water ! And I cook this for 26 minutes !  It is great for snack's for children for after school, And one box makes 16 servings !! 

With lunch I got a little creative, I used the Shallot Tarragon Compound Butter , and mixed it with Mayonnaise in a small bowl. And instead of using plain mayonnaise . Simply added a small amount  on to bread and added my lunch meat. The turkey lunch meat did seem dry but with my mayonnaise mix it gave it great flavor and something different than the normal!   



If you have never had Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic potatoes you don't know what your missing!!
Simply , prepare mash potatoes as normal, After they are drained, add milk and butter and 1 to 2 cupful's of Garlic Garlic. Gently fold , but I normally blend together with the mixer. Depending on how garlicky , you would like it to be!  

#Skipthebox and get #GarlicGarlic  

Oven Roasted Rustic Herb Bone In Chicken!

Smelled so good during the cooking process, 350 degrees for 1 hour.  All I did was sprinkle enough of Rustic Herb Seasoning to cover the skin of the chicken.  And it was so good! Truly is a must try ! 

#GoRustic  #TeamRusticHerb  

If you follow my page facebook page, I always use our sauces. These are two of my favorites ! They both are amazing ! I honestly can not get enough of them!  Garlic Parmesan Wing sauce it spicy and has a great kick! While Bayou Bourbon Glaze , it sweet and sticky. 


These are just some of the ways you can use our fantastic products ! 

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