Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sample Review : Calvin Klein Eternity For Men & Women


I was selected through +Influenster to try these +Calvin Klein Eternity Now samples. I really enjoy the scents. They smell amazing !! I am familiar with +Calvin Klein brand as I purchased there scents in the past. Like me , once you try +Calvin Klein  you always seem to want more. 

With +Calvin Klein  Eternity Now for Woman , it smelled so amazing ! Very flowery, and Smelled so good on me !!  My husband tried the men's version, and I found it musky. But once he had on his skin it smell delicious !!! 

Scents Descriptions: 
Eternity Now For Men : A Juicy Oriental Fougere , a youthful burst of energy balanced with exotic woods.

Eternity Now For Woman: A Bright addictive Floral succulent radiant flowers enveloped in a soft cashmere veil. 

With the holiday's coming soon, if you know someone that loves the brand. Or just wants to try a new scent!!! You really should give +Calvin Klein Eternity Now for Men & Woman. A chance. 

Eternity Now Video 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Coming Soon ..


A Book Review : Feedback Series Two  Reverb  By Shane Hall . I really can't wait to see where this story goes. To learn more about Shane Hall's e-books. Please be sure to view my previous reviews. 

Also a few product reviews but waiting on confirmation on actual products I will receive. 

As well as a few personnel blogs...  In regards to the following subjects: