Monday, May 29, 2017

Product Review : LipSense / Sene Derm Skin Care and more ..Wicked Lips With Nickie !


These are my samples ! 

SeneDerm By SeneGence 
3 in 1 Cleaner :
   It contains exfoliater beads , it gently exfoliated my skin. It suds up  and removed any excess dead skin. Afterwards my skin was red, but this is normal for me . It was a pleasant smelling cleaner  smells like a orange lemon scent. 

Daytime Moisturizer  :
There is a soft scent but I cant really describe it ; white moisturizer but it does offer the benefit of  SPF 15 with use of this and  Make Sense Foundation.  At this time , my skin  feels very soft. 

Evening Moisturizer:
  Simple moisturizer, once I applied it to my skin. It did tingle a little. But I am thinking is normal. No pain or discomfort. Also a light scent ! 
My skin feels really soft ! 

I did notice since sampling these products that my skin isn't as red as when I started this review. 

Abundance By SeneGence 

Abundance Bloom :  Smells like a dozen roses ! A really light scent , I don't pick up must musk scent. 

Abundance Lush :  A great blend of scents, I can pick up a lot of the tropical floral scents and some mild fruit background. 

Abundance Fresh :  More oceany scent , and some floral's and citrus I can  pick up . 

Overall, I think these smell amazing, I would get these as gifts for birthdays and just have on hand. 

LipSense Glossy Gloss  By SenseGence 

It is clear and smells minty. My lips feel hydrated , it really looks nice on . I know its clear but it is just amazing ! 

Light Tinted Moisturizer 

It is a great light scent, it gently just toned my skin. I have not worn any time of foundation in a long time.  


In this picture as is no make up or anything

You can see a the redness in my face ! 

 I have on Glossy Gloss and  Day Time Moisturizer and Light Tinted Moisturizer 

This is shortly after applying Light Tinted Moisturizer . I found that is did bring down the redness and give my skin some color ! 

This is my first time , sampling these products and they are amazing ! I am looking forward to my next opportunity to review for this company and Nickie again !! 

Please be sure to join her group !  Lots of great information, and more ..

Monday, May 8, 2017

Tastefully Simple By Kelly Work From Home Opportunity !


Are you looking for ways to get an additional income? Are you a people person? Do you have a passion for food? Planning a trip but need extra income to meet your goal! Then consider Tastefully Simple!!

You can join simply by purchasing 1 Meal kit and you can get your supplies and a 1 time join fee! And if you join in May you also get the amazing Cocktail pops, which is great for summer!! To have at parties or anytime! 

If you have already purchased a meal kit, you need to provide an order number and continue on with the process!! 

This is truly an amazing company; you can earn FREE trips and incentives! You just need to reach for your goals! It can be done!  

I have been with the company for almost a year; I have learned so much and sampled some amazing foods. I am always looking for more reach to more people. As I am stay at home mother and I am currently conduct all my parties online. But I hope do start doing in home tasting soon! 

You can achieve so much and with a great support from up-line and myself. We can help to achieve your goals! 

Focus on your target goal, and meet new people and share your love for the food!  I make meals from the 10 meal kits; they are fun, and fast! And it is great change from the good old standby meal we use to eat. 

I have tried direct sales in the past and struggled to achieve goals. My main focus is Tastefully Simple, and my family! They go hand in hand; I am using products that contain no gluten ingredients , and have an amazing flavor. I am making dinner and  using  products with  great flavors, and cooking at home instead of buying at restaurant.  Every penny counts, and so I am trying to make them work for me! 

If you need any additional information, please let me know contact me  via messaging. I would be happy to answer any questions you have!