Monday, May 29, 2017

Product Review : LipSense / Sene Derm Skin Care and more ..Wicked Lips With Nickie !


These are my samples ! 

SeneDerm By SeneGence 
3 in 1 Cleaner :
   It contains exfoliater beads , it gently exfoliated my skin. It suds up  and removed any excess dead skin. Afterwards my skin was red, but this is normal for me . It was a pleasant smelling cleaner  smells like a orange lemon scent. 

Daytime Moisturizer  :
There is a soft scent but I cant really describe it ; white moisturizer but it does offer the benefit of  SPF 15 with use of this and  Make Sense Foundation.  At this time , my skin  feels very soft. 

Evening Moisturizer:
  Simple moisturizer, once I applied it to my skin. It did tingle a little. But I am thinking is normal. No pain or discomfort. Also a light scent ! 
My skin feels really soft ! 

I did notice since sampling these products that my skin isn't as red as when I started this review. 

Abundance By SeneGence 

Abundance Bloom :  Smells like a dozen roses ! A really light scent , I don't pick up must musk scent. 

Abundance Lush :  A great blend of scents, I can pick up a lot of the tropical floral scents and some mild fruit background. 

Abundance Fresh :  More oceany scent , and some floral's and citrus I can  pick up . 

Overall, I think these smell amazing, I would get these as gifts for birthdays and just have on hand. 

LipSense Glossy Gloss  By SenseGence 

It is clear and smells minty. My lips feel hydrated , it really looks nice on . I know its clear but it is just amazing ! 

Light Tinted Moisturizer 

It is a great light scent, it gently just toned my skin. I have not worn any time of foundation in a long time.  


In this picture as is no make up or anything

You can see a the redness in my face ! 

 I have on Glossy Gloss and  Day Time Moisturizer and Light Tinted Moisturizer 

This is shortly after applying Light Tinted Moisturizer . I found that is did bring down the redness and give my skin some color ! 

This is my first time , sampling these products and they are amazing ! I am looking forward to my next opportunity to review for this company and Nickie again !! 

Please be sure to join her group !  Lots of great information, and more ..