Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Updates To The Blog !!!



Dear Followers & Readers:
    I have made the following updates to the blog. I hope that you can utilize going following forward, so that way you can stay connected to A Stay At Home Mother's Life Blog,

There is new a new function for you to have the blog emailed to you! Very easy just sign up via FeedBurner and confirm your email. It's that simple!! 

I also a quick link to my +Facebook+ Fan Page  @AStayAtHomeMother'sLife . Please kindly follow the page as well. As there is currently a guess the number game going on. Winner will be receiving coupons. Every little bit helps!!! 

Also I am looking for Crafters & Direct Sales as I would love to share their products and a little about each of them. As you can see the new Feature.. Craft Corner.. I hope to keep that going forward. And also have direct sales reps, also show there products and why they decided to promote this product.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Product Review : Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Girls 4 Pack Strawberries Set #zoozik

I was selected to receive this product at a discounted price in order sample and leave my honest feedback of this adorable drool bibs. The following pictures below are taken from when I received my package. 

How I recieved it ...  

The lovely assortment in the package....

I love how soft they feel, they have two buttons on the back for easy closure of the bib. The designs are so pretty. They are made for 100% cotton, they fit securely. With this I will not only use them as drool bibs, but I would also use them for feedings.
Another great thing about this drool bib , is that it fits for your infant to toddler.  One other thing that I love about this purchase, is that there a pamphlet advising about safety and cleaning of this drool bib. I find that be additionally helpful which as parent, that we have so much going on that hanging this pamphlet near should you ever need to reference it. 
I love products that can be used for multiple reasons. I really do love that these baby bandanas not only can be coordinated with onesies. They care just cute and adorable.  My lovely baby girl was getting fussy while styling but she really does like it. 
I recommend this to any expecting parents and parents with infants and toddlers.  

Zoozik , has so many great styles for each child's individually.  Please be sure to view this link :




Blue Cheveron 
Bottle Feeding baby girl with drool bib :)  #Zoozik 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Product Review : Influenster : #Sprout VoxBox


I was selected to recieved the Sprout VoxBox for free to sample the products enclosed and share my opinions of them. 

This my Sprout VoxBox 

I was unable to sample this product due to a recent allergy. But I was able to share this sample with my mom who was willing to give this product a try. She said that it tasted great, and had great flavor. She would recommend this product to her friends. 
Facebook :
                Instagram : @DrinkOrgain 
                Twitter : @DrinkOrgain  

I have sampled this brand before in the past. But I have never tried the Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner. I really loved how it makes my hair so soft. It smelled amazing. I already loved the Hair food brand. Now I just have another favorite scent by them to choose going forward. I received this product free to sample and leave my honest opinion of this product.  

                 Twitter : @HairfoodSamples

I have never used this brand before. But just with the packaging I really like that is Hypoallergenic and already contains fabric softener. After doing my only wash, I could smell the scent of Magnolia & Lily. It smelled amazing to me. I will be using this brand in the future; as I really enjoyed everything about it. I received this product for free to review and provide my honest opinion. 
Facebook :
Instagram : @ECOSLaundry 
Twitter : @EFPClean

I received Spicy Black Bean Tortilla Chips; I have never sampled these chips before. Just by description I thought they would taste amazing. And they are in fact amazing!  I recommend this to anyone who loves spicy food.  Do not eat if you have peanut allergies.  But I do recommend these. I received a free sample to try and provide my honest opinion of the product. 

Facebook :
Twitter : @Eatsmartsnacks

It was a very full flavor bar, I love that it’s a healthy snack bar. I recommend this to anyone looking for a healthy nutty flavorful treat. I received this product for free to sample and leave my honest feedback.

Facebook :
Twitter :  @CurateSnacks
Instagram : @CurateSnacks 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Feature : Crafts Corner : A Craft For A Cause...


     Welcome to the first Crafts Corner , I had a opportunity to speak with Melissa. She has been making her Mark on the world. By making lovely bookmarks and more. She has been doing this for 4 years. She uses her earning from her Melissa A's Bead Makes.She has helped the following causes Alzheimer's/dementia and raising funds to donate .

 I have personally purchased one of her book marks in the past. She does custom orders . I really love mine ! I use mine often, in cookbooks anything that I am using at that point in time.


With her facebook group page, she has actions to helps those in need. By having facebook book events with various direct sales companies. 

She really is doing so much for those in the need ,when you purchase one of her items or from a direct sales event, you are helping other's. So please be sure to view these links below.  

Please follow her on Facebook :


You make purchases :   


Also  Melissa A's Auction House  :   

Product Review : Seventh Generation Senstive Skin Detergent


I was selected to choose any detergent of my choice for free and provide a honest opinion of the product. Being that I have sampled from the Seventh Generation in the past, I decided to continue and get another bottle of the Sensitive Skin detergent.  As my daughter and I still like it and are continuing to use it.

I find for this value of the product and amount of detergent , that is a great addition to my family . And helps with our laundry needs to not only keep are skin looking great and having no reactions. But keep our clothes smelling fresh and clean. With each purchase of detergents I also look at the back label to see what they are made of. 

Questions to ask yourself  : 
Do you look at the back of the container?
Do know what is in your detergent ?

To find this and other scents by Seventh Generation :

Thursday, June 2, 2016

KickStarter: Future Worlds: A Science Fiction Anthology



There is a new book in the works that contains short science fiction stories. But the most amazing part is that there are 6 different writers . That will be touching on many subject's such as space dinosaurs , bugs , magicans and distant planets. 

Check out this link as with backing the project you can get many great things. Books from the writers , and starts at 1.00 donations  to has high at 9,000 by that is a stretch they have. Depending on which offer you select to back there are dates of release September / October.  They have goal of raising 3,000. And at this point they have raised 1,339 there are only 13 more days to go

The featured story writer's are : 

Michael Darling
Carmen Dayton
Jaret Garrett 
Mark R Healy
Josi Russel
D.W. Vogel

You can also follow these writers on and +Facebook & Twitter  and more.. 

Please be sure to check out this kickstarter , and to any fans of the authors or someone just looking to read something out of there regular genre. Please be sure to share this information with your friends !!