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Kelly's Stylish Legging's Giveaway !!!!



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Kelly's Stylish Leggings : Product Review : Stealth Pink + Capri


 When I saw Stealth Pink I just knew I had to have it! I have always loved camouflage clothes. When my husband and I were dating he had a pair of shorts that were camouflage. And I had made a few attempts to get my own camouflage pants but it never seemed to work out for me.  

And I love how the colors are! Colors on the leggings are dark green, light green, pink, and black so many colors that the leggings can be paired with so many types of shirts. And did I mention how soft they are! They are so comfortable! The blend for this Capri legging is: 92% Polyester 2% Spandex. There have an elastic waist and at the calf area fits comfortably as well. Unlike some brand X's that are tight in the waist and calf's. 

I think we all have been there you purchased Brand X, and you have such high hopes. And as soon as there on you have discomfort, tightness within the material. And you purchased the size you knew would fit and the brand X let you down. 

With Legging Army, trying is believing! If you don't give them a chance you don't know what your are missing !  I recommend that if you are interested in giving them a go  please use my link below. 

Leggings have so many uses, dress down, dress up, and hit the gym. Have you ever wonder which would be a best style to wear the leggings?

As I have mentioned before, styles are always changing at Legging Army. So please if you do like the print, please comment below. And I can add my link once it does return. 

My site: 

If you should decide to purchase or join, please use BeYou at checkout.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Direct Sales Review : Avon With Victoria M.



The samples I selected to review !

   Avon has been around for 130 years, just by simply handing out samples and books. And it has grown more and more each year.I would love to share with you the samples I received from my friend Victoria. She provided me with a lot of samples, in the picture above you will see the samples that I have reviewed individually as well as there direct links.

With Christmas around this corner. You will get first hand objective reviews on these items, And if the event you may have a question, please contact Victoria directly on her site or email.


 Avon Musk + X Marine:
When I first smelled it. I thought there was a patchouli scent in there. But as I continued to sniff, it got to a be a lighter scent. I do smell some sandalwood.

Product Link:


Avon Little Black Dress:
This smell's very floral and pretty to me. There is a mild musk scent in the background. I think this would be a great date night scent.


Avon Wild Country:
        It is a very earthy scent; I found this scent to be strong for me. But this is more geared for our men in our life. And depending on the person's body chemistry it can be very agreeing to their senses. 


Mark Crushing On Coconut:

   This smells really good, a nice soft scent of coconut.  I really like this one !


Mark Dreaming Of Jasmine:  *on backside of crushing coconut sample*

  This is very light and flowery. Another great smelling scent from Mark.


Mark Sweet On Lemon Sugar:
             It is very light on lemon, and smells very pretty.


Mark Passionate For Plumberry:* on back of lemon sugar sample*

            Another great scent; when I first smelled it was very light to me.I got a lot of plumberry, within a few minutes it is a single scent tone.


Avon Daydream:  
 This smells really good , it is a very flowery light scent. 

This sample contains both Her & Him Samples

Avon Luck For Her:
It smells really good, it has sprinkling citrus, white floral and warm sandalwood. My nose is very pleased with this scent. 

Avon Luck For Him
This smells good, but I am picking up a lot of the sandalwood in this version. There is also fresh mandarin & cool spices, with the sandalwood but I was not able to smell those scents in this sample.

ANew Vitale:
        It smells really good, my skin feels protected and my skin does look even.  I love the fact that is has a SPF25 so your skin will be all protected. I normally have sensitive skin, but I had no issues while using.

Link :

ANew Clinical: Resurfacing Expert  Soothing Fluid
I really like it, it help to revitalize and help with my skin's clarity. 

ANew Reversalist Complete Renewal Express:
       Very light lotion for the eyes, my skin does feel firmer. And I love how it lasts throughout the whole day.

 Link :

These are just what I think of these products. If you seem something you like, give it a try ! You might like as much I do or more.With the reminder of samples that I received I will be sharing them with my friends and family. 

  Below is the contact email for Victoria as well as her link for her site. I hope that this blog, helped to give you a better view of these amazing products. And provide with you a better understanding of the brand. 

   Email :


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kelly's Stylish Leggings : Product Review : Midnight Chic full Length & Capri

Stock Photo One Size   /  Stock Photo  Plus Size + 

Midnight Chic Full Length + 
       I just fell in love with these leggings when I saw them. I love the flower design, it just so pretty. Then once you have them on, you can see the other details of the flowers that are on them. Legging Army's legging's never disappointment me , they are always buttery soft, and continue to be soft after being washed. And they continue fit me the same way they did when I first purchased them. 

This has a blend of  92% Polyester and 8 % Spandex for both styles of this design. I know I have mentioned this a few times. But I really love how you can have some many styles with these leggings .Here are two examples :

                      Layered looked : Cami & Purple Shirt                     Deep Purple Tunic                                 

Link : MidnightChic Full Length +

Midnight Chic + Capri  :

        As I mentioned above, I really love this design ! So of course I am going to get the capri version !! Legging Army , has no pop ups and when you find a design you love. You have to get as soon as possible before it sells out. As you never know when that design you love will return. And I can tell you from experience, it happens ! 

And if your lucky enough to catch design when it returns . I recommend you to definitely get it ! This is another one of my favorites, as you  can see I even dress it down. 

Stock Photo 
I am wearing the capri length here ! 

Overall, I love the design, it fits perfectly. I can not say enough about them !   I just need to be Me !!! 

Link :  midnight-chic-capri

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