Sunday, June 18, 2017

Children's Book Review: The Adventures Of Pugley Bear Home Sweet Home


I really enjoyed this story, my family can relate. As we just had a second child last year. It gives you a child's view of how it is when a new child comes into a family. This is a great book as it shows you have Pugley Bear is adjusting to have new sibling.  My daughter's also enjoyed it , as my oldest can really relate to this book. 

She was a only child as Pugley Bear was. Just like Pugley Bear , you need to adjust to having a new child in the home. Great book for anyone expecting another child or anytime. Provide a understanding . But I don't want to give to much information.  

Be sure to follow the author , and stay up date any new children's book he may have come out. I have the link below, as well a direct link to Amazon. 

This book is really enjoyable! I really love the character's and bright colors.

Mom's Choice Awards Recipient  ! 

To purchase your book : Adventures Pugley Bear Home Sweet Home

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Product Review : Hanai A Zoo Stuff A Pet !



Hanai A Zoo is a new company, that helps provides you a one on one opportunity with your child. You select a stuff animal from the site in either 8 in or 16 in and you get everything you need to put them together. It comes with easy to follow directions.  I recently had an opportunity to purchase a cute and adorable dog. 

There are sales from time to time, and you can even purchase your stuff animal with a book . 

In this link you will find the live feed my daughter and I did on Facebook on 05/29/17  . This will show you how easy these adorable stuff animals are ! But I will also be going to into detail in the blog as well.

When you open your package from Hani A Zoo, you find a adorable bag , it has handles and you can easy store your animals inside. 

Enclosed you will find your animal you purchased. As a bag of stuffing to fill your new animal! Directions with heart and instructions on how to put your animal together! As well a birth certificate !!  

Our adorable puppy was very soft and had a Velcro bag for easy stuffing !! My daughter and I  really enjoyed putting our puppy together. It was great activity  to do together ! I really enjoyed that I didn't have to leave to house. 

Here is our completed pup! His name is Ruff !

This could be a great activity to do during school breaks. They also offer parties you can do them online and earn a stuff animal for your child! 

Here is the direct link to view are these cute animals : 

If anyone orders please mention : Kelly Rodriguez 

There are so many other amazing accessories , sound inserts, different variations of stuff animals , Aramabearapy ( insert), Clothing, Shoes. Stuff able Purses, Gift Card Options! Buddy Blankets! Stuff Your Own Dolls! Warm Buddies ! Outlet Sale Items!! And so much more! 

Princess Packages :  $23.00 to 60.00 
Animal Work Shops : $ 14.00 to 60.00
Pillow Pet Parties :  $20.00

Hanai A In A Box :  $ 30.00
Animal In A Box" Kit (8") Contains everything you need including a "Hanai A Zoo " Box, Animal, Passport, Purple Best Friends Insert, and Fluff


Booking Summer workshops
All Workshops include:
Summer Animal of choice
Forest Adventure Book

Stuffing Kit
Stuffing Instructions
Wish Insert
Take Home Backpack

(10 guest min) starting at $16 per guest