Thursday, October 27, 2016

Product Review : JollieLovin Womens Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve V-neck Flare Hem Loose-fit Tunic Top


I really love wearing leggings, but my problem is I can never find any tunic's that I like. Until recently, I came across this  V-neck loose fit tunic.I love that is has 3/4 sleeves, but I am short so it does appear to fit on my like long sleeves.But it doesn't change anything for me! 

It is very comfortable, and can easily make any pair of leggings  POP !!! As you can see from the picture. The tunic does provide a lot of movement.  I loved this shirt so much that I had to buy another color , I can be ready for any occasion ! 

The material break down for the lovey tunic is : 95% Rayon/5% Spandex 

I received a free sample of this product for the purposes of testing and thorough testing; however, I am under no obligation to leave a review

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I am on a Delicious Adventure .. SIMPLE Meals for you and your family and more...


I just recently started my Tastefully Simple Adventure. I am loving the ride, and I wanted to share this with all my friends and family. And you my fans, may like company as well. With Tastefully Simple they offer collection's to help make dinner easier or as I say Simple

My reason for joining  is that I had a excellent opportunity .I really could you some simple ways to make delicious meals for my family . And I  am hoping that I can help others, by showing them what Tastefully Simple has to offer.  And they also help to provide you with recipes ;  Remix's and side dishes !  Who doesn't love to other choices for sides and remix's to yesterdays meal !!! 

This company has really opened my eyes and my palette !! And other food options, prior to this all I made was chicken meals. The same old same old, and it was  really can be boring

With my kit, I received the 10 One Pot Meal Collection it came with 9 full size products, recipes and food list .  I have already made 1 meal from this collection. Here are the picture's of the collection and meal. 

This is what my kit contained !!!! 

 This was my easy  Slow cooker meal !!! 

Also with my kit , I received the NEW Dinner Mixers !!! And of course I had to make of those delicious meals .   With I made a deconstructed Buffalo Chicken Sandwich !!!  Let me tell , you can add a little or a lot of the buffalo seasoning to reach the desired taste you like !!! 

This is a image of the kit !!!

Here is what I received !!!

And here is the amazing meal we had :

This had an amazing flavor and was a pretty quick meal.. 

I would like to thank  my mentor Marcie S , for all your guidance . And helping my to pursue my foodie passion ! 

I am looking forward to sharing more meals and adventure with you !!! 

I am currently hosting a party, should you like to try anything please be sure to use that link below  :

Here is my Facebook page   Tastefully Simple With Kelly  :

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Direct Sales Review : Avon With Victoria M


New Avon Samples !!!   

I am looking forward to trying each one ! Are you ready for my review ?  Without further delay , let's get started !!

Avon Imari Seduction :

This smells oh so good !  It has the right scents , to make this perfect for anytime. 

Rare Amethyst 

Very light scent, flowery , it states that it is fruity but I'm not picking up any fruity scents. I do like the scent as well !! 


Avon Luck 

This smells very soft and light, This contains Strawberry, Lily of the Valley and cedar wood. I am picking up alot of the lily of the valley, I think the strawberry is very mellow and blend as well as the the cedar wood.  It does smell really amazing !!!

So Very Sofia By Sofia Vergara

With this sample I get more patchouli,  very mild notes of Passion Fruit and Flor De Mayo Orchid. 

Anew Clinical : Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid 

I had using during my last review , but I wanted to try it again !! And Yes I like it !!!   It is so great skin, it removes and makes my skin feel amazing...

Anew Ultimate Supreme : Advanced Performance Creme 
I really like how it was non greasy. I slowly  began to see some changes with this product. 

Please  if you are interested in any products , please contact Vicky ! She  would love to hear from you !  Avon is more than just perfumes and lotions, they carry clothing, shoes and toys .. But be sure to check it  your for yourself!!! 

She can be reached at

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Stay At Home Mother's Life : Ebook Giveaway !!!!



 We are  so close to 150 fans !!!  Only 25 people Short right now !!!

I need to you like my page :

And please add your friends !!!! 

Once we hit 150 or more .. I will start the link for the drawing for the e-book...  

The next E-book Drawing will 350 Fans  !!!!  If we can hit both goals than I will do 2 e-book giveaways   !!! 

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Kelly's Stylish Leggings : Product Review : 50 Shades + Full Length Leggings

50 Shades  +

 I have been with Legging Army for 5 months, let me just say it is a great company to work for ! We have various styles, always comfort, and we are slowly building  ! I love that we are different, no catalogs. And if you find that must print, you have to get it before it gets away ! 

I have been in the customer service field , and I have also been apart of direct sales in the past. With each company I join, there is always something Amazing that draws me in ! With Legging Army it is affordable, buttery soft  and as I said the designs !!!

I love the 50 Shades + Legging, because it hugs my body. It is a very simple design black and white and it is exactly as shown. I really think design would be perfect for a work place environment or even just a night out.  

Unfortunately at this time , this great design is sold out ! Should you like it and want to get you own pair ! Please make sure to view my site often , as I have said before if you LOVE IT , and WANT IT  GRAB IT FAST

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