Sunday, June 18, 2017

Children's Book Review: The Adventures Of Pugley Bear Home Sweet Home


I really enjoyed this story, my family can relate. As we just had a second child last year. It gives you a child's view of how it is when a new child comes into a family. This is a great book as it shows you have Pugley Bear is adjusting to have new sibling.  My daughter's also enjoyed it , as my oldest can really relate to this book. 

She was a only child as Pugley Bear was. Just like Pugley Bear , you need to adjust to having a new child in the home. Great book for anyone expecting another child or anytime. Provide a understanding . But I don't want to give to much information.  

Be sure to follow the author , and stay up date any new children's book he may have come out. I have the link below, as well a direct link to Amazon. 

This book is really enjoyable! I really love the character's and bright colors.

Mom's Choice Awards Recipient  ! 

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